After 5 years Salty Rose's has expanded and moved just a few minutes to North Bay Ingonish. Now our craft shop is a part of the Salty Rose's Inn and the Periwinkle Café. Still focused on displaying a diverse range of fine Nova Scotian craft, Salty Rose’s also offers a new studio, workshops and events.


Artists & Makers


Sheena Jewellery (sister!)
Peter Lawrence (maker of the Trail Ring, exclusive to Salty Rose's)
Laura Kissed Ashley
Fervour's Own
Damara Mossman

Olivia Ball
Teddy Tedford

Karen Wawer
Sarah Sears Jewellery




Fine Art

Lynda Lou MacIntyre
Celeste Nikkle
Nancy McLean
Sarah Burwash

Chris Gorey



Sarah Burwash
Brianna Scott
Kat Frick Miller
Sarah Duggan
Katherine Scott
Merrideth MacDonald

Nancy McLean

LyndaLou MacIntyre


Bread & Butter Pottery
Anne Pryde Pottery
Karolina-Anna Hajna
Sarah Burwash
Melody Hillman Ceramics
Brenna Phillips

Que Sera Ceramics


Maggie Jayne MacCormick

Thief & Bandit